Aries~10 of Cups | 8 of SwordsFamily has been broken apart and on the other hand you’re trying to understand love as well. When it comes down to a sick family member or a divorce happening, you’re not forced to see all of what love can bring. If you stay stuck with how love is only one way, others may shock you or embarrass you.When it comes down to how you want to live your life, it’s important to compromise. Of course not too much, but there comes a point in time where all things can not be your way. Whether you must wait or whether there are more things to learn, If you’re waiting for true love, again, there’s a lot to learn about what you’ve been putting out. I’m not saying be a rock, but I am stating how some times aren’t as sweet as movies. When it comes down to a partner or a family member who’s fallen ill, it’s time for you to reach out a hand and see what you can do. If you’re trying to remember or grab inspiration, it’s on its way but at the same time there is a warning to not overthink or stay stuck with what can’t change.When it comes down to people deceiving you in love, the universe wants you to step out of the way so people can receive their karma and stop hurting you. Certain Aries will stand in front of karma because they don’t want people to get thrown to the sharks. The universe will either push you out the way and have you suffer a few consequences or you can believe in your last goodbyes. Cancer season with Chiron and Mars in your sign means, it’s time to get to the bottom of where you’re trying to go. What you’re trying to accomplish. This week coming up and the next few weeks coming in, side steps some of these fights for the same reason. You may be itching for a fight, but learn a few new fighting moves by observing. If you’re thrown into chaos, it’s temporary, sidestep it. Then watch it all play out.

Taurus~ 3 of Wands | Queen of PentaclesWaiting for the people you love to come back home. You’re waiting for the right moment to show how much you want to care for your family and the people around you. You are one person and sometimes it’s okay to know when to back down though it may not feel that way all the time.If you’re conflicted with what to believe surrounding the people in your space or family, take your time. There is emotional manipulation at play and it may be from people you thought wouldn’t.When it comes down to how you love and who you want to love, you’re doing the right thing by staying back and looking at who you want in your life and how they water their garden of dreams and determination.When it comes down to people in your environment you’re losing patience for, it seems like there’s more that needs to be said from either you or them. If people stopped reaching out to you and are confused about why, how long have you been away?People lose respect when you promise or put them off to the side for too long. We all understand the time where people have a year or a day, but ignoring x,y,z hurts. Which is why people are finding their way out, they don’t want to feel that way.If you’re experiencing neglect, that can be a form of abuse and when you go out and try to fill x,y,z inside, don’t go too crazy. Heat rising or not, you need to be as patient as you can with yourself and vent out what you need to the people you need to talk to. When it comes down to work and where you wanna go from here, it looks like inspiration is on its way, but leave it to accumulating data from things being talked about around you to make the right choice.When it comes down to wanting to love someone more, wait until you hear or see what they have to say before committing. A few surprises or disappointments on the way.

Gemini~The Moon | TemperanceYou’re trying as hard as you can not too go off on certain people and how they treated you because of the past. It’s a complicated situation where the room needs to be aired out, but at the same time will things ever return to how they should be if you voice what’s really going on with you and what you changed your mind about. The love stays, but the ultimatums are coming to a head if someone has been doing the work. When it comes down to the people you’re starting to look up to and really appreciate, you feel them wanting you to step up or to keep going about your business. When it comes down to business, you have a few options and things up your sleeve, but it’s time for you to know when enough is enough in your emotional life. When it comes down to the past and how you feel taken from before of someone’s impatience and ignorance, you’re waiting to compromise and even still you’re conflicted emotionally with what you want.The things you even want are coming at a time where you feel “why now?”, because it can’t be put off any longer. A leader is not always someone who is cocky and looks out for their team, a leader is someone who will continuously stand for the innocent and stay level headed towards their workers, their station, their role, and purpose. When it comes down to want to reach out, follow your instincts.

Cancer~ Queen of Wands | The DevilTime constraints. It’s time to organize and put things in their place. When it comes down to love, you’re growing tired of the back and forth. Though you can play the game forever because you know you’re that type of person, you’re growing tired of waiting and that should be enough fuel to have you running in another direction altogether. When it comes down to you walking away and people coming after you, keep that energy so you can keep the money and energy flowing. When it comes down to your wishes and manifestations, it’s time to stop and future shoot into some of the consequences of going around in a circle for too long. When it comes down to feeling like you’re not heard, in other areas of your life you’re seeing where no matter what people are ready to be by your side. No matter how long you take or the other person takes. You want to ride high and the universe is here to support it. When it comes down to ex lovers, focus on the new that’s coming in or that’s come back into your life. Though you can’t drown in other’s love just yet, it’s on its way, but stay vigilant. Surprise conversations coming up about things you gave up on or you saw no way out. It’s time for the magic to come in.With Saturn in our 7H retrograde and with several planets in our 12H, it’s been a rollercoaster of a time trying to have people back on the wave.Vibe with yourself and don’t fill in the blanks how you normally would at this time. The Cancers sit back in Cancer season to do their thing and be flawless at it, but at the same time, people have to prove themselves or at least show-up and show you what’s going on inside of their hearts. You may know what’s up at the end, but the journey is still going. When it comes down to people only wanting you for sex, they have a very rude awakening coming up.The people who only want you for your knowledge, have a very rude awakening. When it comes down to you being the boss, don’t ease up.The people above you are watching and waiting to give you the love you deserve, but you have to work on your way and expect the unexpected. Really though, little to no expectations and high standards. Period.

Leo~ 2 of Wands | 7 of WandsShort trips coming up for some of you. Some of you are leaving an old way of going abut things behind. Will it be a little painful, yes. Will you have to humble yourself where you need to get the rewards you know are yours, yes. Not too much.When it comes down to insecurities, you are being faced with more options and ways to go by things. Of course do your own thing and put your own style to it, but watch the evil eye you may be casting on others, it will backfire.When it comes down to feeling like you’re coming up against people do deserve a taste of justice, it looks like you’ll be spreading awareness in more ways than one. You will be safe for the most part other than a few scares from people around you or threats, so be mindful and careful with your surroundings.If you’re in a situation where you feel you’re being taken from, it’s time for you to see the pattern. It’s time to learn a few things that will get you far but you must listen to in little voice from within. If you’re going back and forth on whether to dive into spirituality or not, you have time. When it comes down to learning or going back to school, be wise with your decisions when the opportunity is presented in front of you. If you feel stuck because you could be there for people or people weren’t there for you, there’s a return on its way. Furthermore, let go of some of these grudges to get your work done. It’s not permanent but secure the bag.

Virgo~4 of Cups | Strength No one can hide or be sneaky coming up. That goes for you too, Virgo. It may be a little alarming to see how you’ve been projecting or maybe it’s something you’ve been seeking. When it comes down to new people coming into your life, it’s a push and pull right now.If you’re on edge about new things coming your way in terms of love or you feel disheartened by someone’s lies (could be society), it’s time for you to be honest with what you know and what you haven’t wanted to know about love and your choices. There is a feeling of conversation that is crashing in front of your eyes. For the good or the bad. It seems like, though you’ve needed a change, Cancer season comes in and remind you of what you want to keep and what you want to toss. Some of the things you know have to be resolved with take their time but it will not be in vain. You will get the answers you need, whether you gave up on them or not. When it comes down to feeling as though you’re racing for things to get down, pace yourself. In order for things to run as they need, you can still take the time you need. Make sure to watch how you throw some of your lectures. If you’re feeling sad about what’s going on with family and what’s been going on with family, there are things that need to be aired out.Though arguments aren’t the best thing we can all experience, it’s time to figure out where you can forgive and if it’s right for you to forgive. You would know your story.When it comes down to work, you’re attaching people who will help you and who you can tag team with. If you’re waiting for your returns to come in from projects or with money, they will be taking their time. The more fun you have when knowing you can find a new groove will be all the better for you.

Libra~ The World | Ace of CupsThe whole wide is in your hands and now is the time to see.If you’ve been slowly but surely putting puzzle pieces back together or helping others, you will see the return in a month. It looks like in cancer season, the energy wants you to save your money, karma points, figure out what path is right for you and so on. In this time if you’ve kept your hopes high for people who have shown you time and time again that you’re done with you, take them at their word. If they don’t care to be apart of your life, reach out, care if anything happens to the connection, walk away. It’s time for you to understand what’s been behind what you’ve allowed. You may be upset with yourself for a moment or a day, but get ready for a beautiful return with new beginnings. Saturn comes back into our 4H and with that said, tell the universe what has compromised your emotional health and not only that, explain what’s been the cause of the heartache. There are some offers coming that are coming in that are only sexual, you know how to go by that, Libra. If they’re using you, keep going about your business. If they’re trying to only be sexual but not offer anything in return, you would’ve already taken note and dismissed it altogether. This isn’t about gold-digging or being a stone-cold hustler, Libras want romance and for people to care for them. Libra is you’ve been very selfish in the past it looks like you’ll be humbled to what’s up and where you’ve been wrong. A slow road, but at least you get to start over and see the root if you want to look that deep or not. You will also get to see what’s your business and what was never your way of thinking.When it comes down to people coming back from the past, you all balance each other out in the coming weeks. With surprise visits and pop-ups and with future plans. Let your heart stay open and free. There is more love coming your way, but make sure you’re not getting played. If they wanna play you, it’s their loss. Libras can smell a love pattern from a mile away. Be true, Libra.

Scorpio~ 4 of Cups | The TowerDisinterest was the first thing that came to mind. If you were given or you were someone to had to tell the truth about something that happened to you in your life, you’re given a balancing out or a humbling lesson.During this time, your possessiveness will come under fire and it’s time to play it smart and to be honest about what you care about and love. When it comes down to family, you’ve kept a lot of things from them or they know what’s up. There’s a difference between their assumptions. When it comes down to feeling as though you need some time away, it would be for the best. When it comes down to feeling conflicted about people staying or going, they’ve left. They’ve been giving you your space and now it’s time for you to think about what you want or it’s time for you to dig deep with why you want to be in people’s lives and if it’s right. When it comes down to your dreams, there is a reawakening and a time to choose paths, but at least you can be in control of what you decide.If you’ve been too passive in your relationships, you will start to see the mirroring of how it’s affecting the people around you. Though it may feel like empty words, it’s not the best time to blame yourself for something that’s not the past.The more you bring what happened to you up, you will repel a few people and even close people in your space. Others who are the opposite who have been closed off for a long time, the universe is bringing kinder souls into your life to soften how you should be approaching love or connections. Though you can’t copy it, take note. There will be more surprises up ahead if you refuse to do the work. Now if you have been doing the work and are running into people who have been nothing but a pain to you, now you get to see why you hang around certain people. They or your family with old believes have held you back, but the more you try to hold onto what you don’t like and enforce, people are getting their energy back to fight back. What was hidden in the dark always comes back to the light.

Sagittarius~ Page of Cups | The Hanged One You have a few love offers coming your way. Some of you are playing the game and not looking back. Others of you are happy about the offers but either through distance, healing, or not getting the affection from the right person you want to pine for you attention- it makes you not want them. Which confuses the whole pot. You’re open to what you don’t know but it looks like either way you should let people live out what’s going on in their life.If you’re partnered with someone and there have been talks about opening the relationship or you’re trying to ( or them) want you to be more committed, it looks like regardless everyone has to wait. Especially to find out if you take whichever road, it last. Though Sagittarians are “known to be non-committal”, you want something long term. If you’re a Sag who’s not looking for anything long term but you’re looking for new sexual experiences or to travel, it’s time you sit down and look at your laundry list. Update it and feel through opinions and other’s experiences. For some of you who feel hot about a business partnership, slow down and wait. Not the easier thing to say to a Sag, but wouldn’t you want someone who isn’t going to muddy your money. Not saying they will, but check back with the energies over time. Wait to see the pattern when you’re around this person or your person. If you’re pushing deadlines back, don’t push your luck in the coming weeks, people will be pressed for fresh answers and they will be looking at the source. When it comes down to cleaning up your car or your home, it will help distract you from things you’ve been pushing to the side because it’s not time yet to fly. When it comes down to standing your ground outside of a relationship you find yourself exiting, remember how much you love yourself. Yes, there is a waiting period but you don’t have to be alone or alone with people who make you feel like you’re not heard or cared for. When it comes down to bossing up, you will, you may just feel torn up in the process. Protect yourself and if you have to, play dumb. Survival mode if you know your story.

Capricorn~ Queen of Swords | The Sun It’s time to follow your instinct coming up in the next few days and into the coming weeks. Divine timing is with you and for memorable moments for everyone involved around you. There will be times you doge a few things completely and others are going to be a good laugh or story for years to come.When it comes down to counseling or going to an advisor coming up, follow what they need from you for you. When it comes down to the story you were looking to write, draw or be apart of, the time is creeping up on you.Though you may look to the Capricorns left and right from you and notice the scales are everywhere, in dance it’s best you don’t look at what they’re doing. Follow the music and step of what’s your spot. When it comes down to your past mistakes, it’s time to examine where things have gone left or wrong.The more you think or overthink in these areas, it’s a time for you to remember to come back to reality and get what you need done. If you’re reconnecting with the past, it will be slow mainly because though they are the same people, the principles you all remember each other by is very different now and how they identify what they’re taking in or what you’re taking in. If you’re looking into the karma of family, it may be a touchy subject but take note on the behaviors people give their parents and siblings and watch the power struggle/ the reward people get from each action. Just something new to observe. There may be a long road ahead of you, but the more you see one side of what we all share, you can find new inspiration. If you’re having conflicts with a parent in the coming days, this will give you new insight into different karmic things that are playing out in your life. You can escape behaviors for so long until you or the other person accepts what’s reality. Where you’re also latching into others or where others are latching onto you.

Aquarius~ Ace of Swords | Magician This is what I like. Looking at new goals and visualizing where you want to be, not just in a year but in the next several years. Who do you want to be around and what are new plans of action? When it comes down to the goals you want, you can get there, but if you haven’t been doing the work, you’ll disappoint yourself more than anything else. If you’re overconfident, you risk several changes to just do the work. As you manifest more money, the time for you to go back into the past and speak truth is so potent. It’s time for you to get a healthier backbone by figuring out where you need to keep going or stop and apologize. If you’re on this road, you’re doing great. Some of these conversations won’t be easy, but everyone’s empathic sensors are up. The term “laughing with us verses laughing at us” is a strong feeling right now. Love will be resolved if there is still time where you want it to get better. Aquarians will run into times where they feel as though they did nothing wrong and yet they either did or didn’t, the universe pushes you all away regardless. Why? Your superpower is needing space and Aquarians will get it or be given time. Right now, it’s important to look at deadlines and look towards individuals or groups who will help you achieve your goals. Though Aquarians can be loners, now the universe needs you. If you get the small nap but feel tired, give it time, your energy will be restored. As for the people in your life who have been so mean to you, they are receiving their karma. There is no doubt in these times and you will here what’s been going on in their life to make the point of who’s right and who’s wrong clearer. It’s been a long road when in coming down to money and love and feeling very misunderstood by people who refused to hear you out. People will be rushing to find the answers or they’ll be very sneaky. If you feel people who are in your aura or space having a hidden agenda, the universe is about to put them on blast. It’s Cancer season, things will be exposed. Though the problem may linger at least with Saturn in retrograde you’ll be able to untie how you may have let yourself down because you were doing what you were told. When it comes down to reconciliations with people from your past, they miss you. Either you’re blocked, lost someone’s number/ someone changed numbers, someone moved, is why someone hasn’t reached out. They know they have to do it face to face and battle their own demons. This could be an Aquarius you’re looking into. They have a lot of reworking to do.Their mentality and will has been strong but in the wrong way. Which is why the universe is setting everything right. Past discrimination, the law, love, and money. It will be an uphill battle, but don’t give up the good fight. Huge returns when things get back on track in a year or 2. There is a pregnancy someone didn’t see coming but got psychic hits or were given dreams. Looks like around this time you manifest more than some of your dreams.

Pisces~ 9 of Pentacles | 2 of Cups Long-term goals coming together and making their rounds. Though you’ve given up hope on certain things in your life (probably for the best) at least the slate will be completely clear by the Full Moon. For the people who were looking for a new start.You will finally have a clear eye on who needed to get out the way for blessings to come in. It could’ve been an environment.Though everything is coming in slow regardless, take your time following through on what you need to get done. Either at work or with your living situation.You will see what family members to trust and where the money has flooded down the drain. If you’re conflicted with what’s right and what’s wrong…Depends. When it comes down to surviving, who’s going to live your life for you? When it comes down to the money you earn? You’ll learn through observance what’s behind the mask of people in your environment. You’ll see small insight with what people have been experiencing and why you were stuck believing what you wanting to hold tight to.If you’re conflicted with how you feel when it comes down to love, you have to understand, Pisces, love is love. The love you feel for someone who is no longer in your life is still the love from the beginning or middle. If things have happened in between examine the chaos. Why didn’t things turn out that way? Some of you may be stuck in the past, but blame the planets for a second. We’re still in a retrograde and you’re still looking for answers and looking at what if’s. Turn it into inspiration for your craft or art. If you’re reconnecting with people, there is a homie feeling that will balance you and the other person out. There will be exchanges of energy and for the good. If projects have been pushed back, go with the flow for a moment and see the small victories with family or friends. If there are new people coming into your life, again, it will be slow but it looks like they’ll be lastly the long haul. Not due to the negatives you to share, but how you both give each other room without neglect. If there is a love situation going on where you feel like a partner is cheating, it doesn’t look like they are. Be mindful of how they’re mirroring you. The more you think of the past/think less of yourself and blame the past, you’re repelling your partner. Confidence is sexier than any conversation sometimes. Telling yourself, you’re worth it no matter how low you fill- will carry you and have everyone running to look for you.

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