Reading for September

Queen of Pentacles | 4 of Swords

You may be keeping a lot of your thoughts and feelings to yourself or your close people. At this time, you may be watching a few things like a hawk and ready to dive in when you see the green light. It’s still advised for you to walk your own path and relax.
Your abundance is trying to find you but safety is a must and you know your upgrade is still working itself out. You’re also waking up to how compassionate you really are outside of going into yourself when you feel misunderstood. You’re learning to take on a more nurturing role in the next few weeks and into the next year. It is for the greater good and it’s better for you in the long run to find balance with where to go on the attack and where you’re pushing your luck.
You need to take time out to rest and meditate, because with some of these new beginnings you’ll have to run into a few people from your past. Though you don’t want to, you have to be the bigger person and sometimes being the bigger person doesn’t mean lowering your standards.
If you’re someone who’s resting from others and you’re looking for a safe haven, you’ll find it. You have people from the past who didn’t push you too far coming back around and offering you new love and wanting to help you into a new life. They can’t tell you everything because things and people have their own system, but at least you should know you will get out of this negative cycle or circle that wants to keep you trapped. You have some love offers coming in, but it’s still advised for you to rest and figure out who you want in your life and not just waste away in fantasy land. What’s practical? You have more under your belt than you know and the magic for it. Win! and heal!
Have a wonderful, September!

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