3 of Cups| Hierophant

Hey Aquarius! OOOF! The time to be an adult has never been or felt so freeing! If you’re dealing with a love from your past that seems to be around your energy, this Saturn retrograde needs you to love the good and bad of why you chose this partner and why you left. Saturn wants to make you the Mommy/ Daddy of owning your pose and walk. You need to get to the root of some of your traumas and come to realize that you have a right to change. You have a right to be yourself and to grow in different ways. If there are people who have been trying to lie about you, this retrograde season wants you to know that your heartache hasn’t gone unnoticed. Keep doing what you’re doing with work and making your money/ your passions and making your money. These people will feel your absence but stay strong as you keep walking forward. You have so much you’re about to get done and it’s really going to boost how you’ve been feeling about yourself. This June, get it done!

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