January 2022

2 of Cups | 5 of Wands

Hey Aquarius. Happy birthday! I feel like you’re trying not to get lost in your explanations or go too far into your own thoughts. So much is going back and forth in your soul, the responsibilities that were taken from you and what you were left with is coming back. The phantom of who you use to be and the joy of who you are now is doing something funny for ya. Conflict is on the table this month and it finds you in one way or another and during your birthday season. Well, luckily after these weird instances, finding the magic in your emotions will come to play. With Jupiter in your 2H of value, worth, finances, the vibe is Babes In Toyland for you. It’s important to try and maintain a budget and see what’s truly in your means. You may buy things and go to extremes in credit or the reverse can happen where you invest in more groundwork to double your financial situation and make it stable. This is a perfect time for artists and writers to put their work out there and to mainly have fun doing it. The universe and planets are ready to support you. It’s time to lose yourself in your passion and recognize the impacts you will make in not only helping others but in changing lives. January and February may not be the best times to sign on the digital line, but they are forgoing over things and editing them. If you also want to focus on your health or bring more awareness to a cause, this as well is the perfect time to find a platform and shout to the skies about the conditions you’re facing or what community you want to uplift. The benevolent planet, Jupiter will be helping you every step of the way. Aquarius! Enjoy the new start your soul has needed and truly say goodbye to the past that no longer serves you. It is time to find your place in the stars. Happy new year.

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