Reading for January

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Hey Aquarius! You may feel like you’re starting out small or starting over again and this isn’t to be taken with vain even though you feel discouraged. This is the time to understand the party is on its way or you’re being invited to a new stage of your life. Hard work and what you’ve committed yourself too, it’s time to show out! You may feel exhausted with your new schedule and routine, but in some time you’ll see the benefit. If all else, your body will reset and understand why things had to play out the way they did. Some of you are being moved up a few stages in your life and confusion may be playing a big role in aspects of your life. It’s important to note how turning your back can be an insult or a symbol of trust. You have some amazing ideas and it’s time you plant the seeds for your new beginnings. If things haven’t panned out the way they were “supposed” to, it’s time to continue down the road you were going and keep your head held high. If you were presented with offers that feel threw, again, keep your head high and keep going. You will transform your potential into massive growth and it will show. Now if you’re in a high positioned role, there are a few things in your past you’re looking back at and trying to fix the karmic wheel. Sooner or later you will feel when you’ve paid your dues to whomever and whatever. It’s time to find the spark to your life again. It’s all part of the cycle and for the most part (other than things that are out of your control), you have this in the bag. Aquarius! You have a thought provoking month right before your birthday! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! And Happy New Year to you all!

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