January 2022

The Magician| The Tower

Hey Aries! Welcome to your new year. Though you want to jump in with both feet, you need to understand there’s no water in the pool. The theme is still present: expecting the unexpected. For you, it all feels like a pattern at this point. Here is the magic in Capricorn season going into Aquarius season. Anything you’ve tucked away in your subconscious now wants to be acknowledged. Some of you may want to dive into your sexual pleasures or pleasures of the flesh, but there is still a few words of caution here. You’re making room for more fun and adventure between you and a partner. Some of you may have an unexpected pregnancy (be careful, if you’re not ready). Take extra steps to ensure your safety, knowledge, and craft. You’re coming into your new full phase of what you believe and feel for the coming years. Your protector mode is on and you begin to listen to your anger and frustration in a new way. Congratulations and what a time still to celebrate. Have a happy January, Aries.

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