Reading for March

Ace of Pentacles | 2 of Wands

Hello Aries! Happy early birthday!! Though a sleepy and tiring month, you are energized! If you’ve been overworked or truly feeling a big loss in your life, you are being gifted in so many ways to heal empty spots in your mind and accepting new opportunities. You’re allowing others to have an opportunity through you. In a lot of ways you’re a money magnet this month. You have the golden keys to unlocking new doors into your reality. If people are misunderstanding your past, your true intention, shine all the way through. If you’ve been fighting yourself from playing the martyr, you’re hitting the sweet spots coming back to a better understanding of yourself. Irritations here and there, but you’re dedicating your time to emotional support and the bag. May the rest of your month go smooth and stay flowing. Have a great March, Aries.

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