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The Devil |7 of Wands

Hello, Aries! The universe and I hope you’ve had beautiful pleasant surprises. Full of new hope, friendship, and love. Alright, Aries. There is a lot going on with work, finances, and your career. If you feel exhausted, it’s important for you to not only keep your head high for the future, but to realize you are making an impact. You have Mars and Chiron Rx in your sign. It may be more of a hidden blessing than you realize. There will be moments this month (repeatedly) where you’re not doing enough. There are only 24 hours in a day and you’re practically doing it all. Your head is geared towards the future, regardless of Mercury going retrograde. If you feel the need to take some more rest, it’s best that you acknowledge that and ease off of the gas. Most of you run your own show, but this is a beautiful time to understand the importance of your limitations!
You have a lot on your mind and you’re running with your thoughts. Your head and your heart aren’t at odds, but the timing to each day with day does and will be off. In those moments, take them for what that are. A time to slow down, take extra good care of what you’re accepting and what shouldn’t be in your life. A few hard decisions in your emotional life, but it’s set up to motivate you to go forward for yourself and not put all your eggs in one basket. Especially when it comes goes to love, family, and your emotional life.
If you don’t have the resources when it comes down to family and your children, you will have to make a few hard decisions when it comes down to how and where to split your money. You are in a very protective time unlike most signs. Keep doing a great job and succeeding!
I hope you have a great, October! Happy Halloween!!!
Talk to you in November!

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