5 of Pentacles | Page of Wands

Hey Aries! For the month of June, it’s best to avoid putting your foot in your mouth and stay the course. There are people who want to add to the pot, but unless they’re doing the work, it won’t pan out for the both of you. I’m seeing you being tested at times this month while also having to remain true to yourself. Easy. Now there are financial hiccups this month but I feel like it’s more of an emotional cloud than anything practical. I see you working hard but if you find a job that isn’t serving you anymore, it’s time to look for other means of employment. I feel like any personal issues you’ve been dealing with get resolved this month but on the brightside, you’re able to pass some of your energy off to people who will then equal you in several situations this month. It’s best not to test situations that are finally calming down but to stay in your lane and find the rest you need. At other times in the month I see you having razor sharp intuition but having a piece of the big picture. Your words are important this month but you may be more prone to headaches and needing to balance out your diet. A very eventful month ahead of you, Aries! You have your head on straight and ready to take on the world outside of the past!

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