Reading for January

Ace of Pentacles | 10 of Pentacles

Hello Aries! You have a wonderful start to the year 2021. Some of you may be greeted with a new job or some of you are working on your home/ getting a new home altogether. This has been a long time coming for so many of you. You’re coming into a new long-term decisions. More things will kick off in 2021 around February for you and this involves a new period for your finances. You are shooting for the stars in a career you’ve wanted and waited to go back to school for. Some of you with long term partners are looking back at your story, legacy, your family; greeting the new year with mainly personal blessings. You’re going to be riding high with some people leaving the nest as well. There are gifts coming for some of you due to your services and effort at home. If you’re a manager or boss, there will be some people leaving the workplace but not in vain. Some of these people were spiritual partners where you were to help each other. Though excited, there is a bittersweet feeling attached. The month feels as though it goes by quickly with come confusion or less. There may be some friction with banks or an account of yours. Call up as soon as you can when you see or hear about the problem so things can be diminished on the spot. Some of you who will be moving in with others, adapting someone, or a pet into the family. A warm feeling after a long shocking time. We are all learning in 2021 what can be achieved through small victories, believing in ourselves, and what can happen for us in long stretches of time. Not so short and over with, but enjoying the journey. Frustrations, setbacks, delays, and obstacles all building character but how to keep the spirit alive. Aries! Have a pleasant new beginning to your 2021 year!

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