October 2021

The Chariot | The Lovers

Hey Aries! Life feels like it’s moving fast again and taking you by surprise. There is so much movement happening again for the holiday season which just feels like more opportunities for you to get settled in and collect resources for the times ahead. I feel like some of you are jumping into new creative ideas that not only keep the party going but help the planet/ your family and loved ones. There’s so much work on the table that needs to be finished and while going 100mph, find some time to decompress away from your work and others who take and are inconsistent in your life. It’s time to go outside and enjoy the changing weather. I feel like if you do find yourself getting a cloudy mind, you need more light, sun, or air flow. If you are experiencing rough times, this too won’t last. Without feeling like your reading is sugarcoated, Aries, a lot of work needs to get finished and thankfully you catch yourself pushing against the tide to get out the water or flow with it. A new push into your wellness and success. A prideful month and you get so much work finished. Be yourself in relationships, but watch your attachments. Have an amazing month Aries!

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