Queen of Pentacles | Knight of Pentacles

Hey Cancer! Happy early birthday! It’s been an emotional few months where your path has been tested but now your backbone is being injected with steel going forward. You’ve been tossed left and right while having people also come and use your energy for their own gains. You’re standing your ground with what you want going forward and it’s not time to back down from the journey you’re on. Things look so different from what you envisioned a year ago, but these sudden changes are still working in your best interest. I see money having a huge boost for you after questioning for years, what else is there for you. Your inner power is being spotlighted though you are feeling more exhausted or tired than usual. I’m seeing if exes of any kind are coming back due to all these retrogrades, you know to put yourself first and ignore the crowd telling you what you should’ve done compared to people seeing you for who you are. I feel like your main focus like always has been centered around other people, but in the coming weeks you’re closing the gates of offering your energy and becoming very selective with who you’re giving to and mainly giving back to yourself after a long road of ups and downs. The journey isn’t over yet but any tears around the end of the month are  due to you crossing the finish line into your new life. Congratulations and a much needed, happy new life, sincerely the planets.

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