January 2022

3 of Wands | 2 of Wands

Hi Cancer! The needs and wants you have are coming up against what others want from you. If it feels like the tides are low and you’re in no mood to compromise, to some extent, stick to your rights. You’re feeling a longing for love and romance in your life as you settle everything in for the times ahead. You’re teaching others and have questions at the end of the day about who you’re trusting and how you’re actually affecting others. Some of you are avoiding looking within to your deepest scars. They want power but in reality, it may be the journey of finding the need to feel loveable. You’re planning and giving but in this chapter of your life, things will keep moving slowly as you take your victories. Your spidey senses keep picking up in advance how and who wants to come around you. As a Twitter thread once said, “no one wins without boundaries.” You deserve to express yourself straight and be understood the first time even though “Lord, forgive them, though (for) they do not know the way.” Your intentions for the most part are solid, but this month it is important to take care of yourself and select who you want to come and nurture you. Cancer, the water takes you over this month and it feels so good. Happy new year and a lovely, watery, fresh beginning.

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