Reading for January

7 of Swords | Page of Cups

Hey Cancer! Emotions settle down and things feel as though they’re moving in slow motion again as you get back to hope and work. Some of you may be running away from love or getting out of a toxic pattern with you. Some of you all are now learning from embarrassment but with powerful new beginnings in love and what you love working with. It feels like it’s a scary month but that’s only due to the planets moving out of your 7H. Stressors look as though there are phantoms hovering over them and exacerbating the issues further. Misunderstandings will be looked over and seen from all angles. How you live, love and everything in between, you will gain a new sense in freedom. What does it mean to have total freedom and what’s the shining hope in knowing structure in this form? There is a lot being exposed around you that has broken your heart in the past and this doesn’t just have to be romantic. Love has many forms as you know. Now it’s time to believe you can receive more. You’ve grown up a lot and have shown yourself how to not only trust but how to live. 2020 was a very trying year, but you are being gifted your human rights. Reshaping who you are and what brings you happiness when trusting yourself. Cancer, an inspiration start to the new year. Have a blessed January, Cancer.

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