Reading for November

2 of Swords | Queen of Wands

There is a bit of a waiting game going on for you this month. Though grateful to not have certain pressure on your back anymore, there are new challenges where you need to boss up with. You are becoming a leader in your own way and it’s becoming more and more evident to stay leveled but more than that, it’s important for you to not have the power rush to your head at this time. Though you recognize you’re tired of being in certain positions they are teaching you how to be strong for yourself. If you feel as though obligations aren’t being served out properly, it is time for you to step forward or back from these situations. This could be around work or home life.
If there are things you’re holding back from saying, it’s not in vain due to scheduling and Mercury Retrograde asking you if what you’re about to do is really the best option for you. If you are feeling pressured about work, it’s just important you go at your own pace. When you become impatient you see how it backfires on you and you’re gaining more than you want to lose. When it comes down to bills, you may be helping some people out or giving them eatable advice for their coming accomplishments. Whether they take your advice or not, look at most times from a higher angle this month, there’s more to the story than meets the eye.
If you feel on top of what you’re doing, it’s best to rest as much as you can. There is new confidence growing from within you and through you. Temp the emotions being thrown your way and realize things should have a compromise.
There are some people you may be separating from due to their own behavior or you all are growing apart, it is time to have cycles play out as they need.
Cancer! You have an adventurous few weeks ahead of you with beautiful rewards!
Have a wonderful November!!

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