Reading for September

Ace of Swords | 9 of Pentacles

You have a lot of truth to undercover in yourself or you’re looking at who’s been keeping the truth from you. It’s going to be a powerful month when it comes down to figuring things out and making your money. You have promising romantic interests, but you’re doing the right things by sticking to your work and minding your business. You do need to look at how much give and take is going into relationships. There are signals in the universe being about how you’re leveling up, but you need to feel it as well and get on a new wave.
You may be changing your diet or incorporating something new into your routines. You have a lot of healing sections with yourself and others coming up, but remember you’re not alone as someone people wanted you to believe. With that being stated, you must see how or where you might be repeating what you didn’t like. You much purge this out of your system before these new beginnings can be seen. In minutes you know how the universe got your back, but now is the time to see where people were responding to what you had going on inside. You’re loved more than you know or maybe you do see it, but the connection is off somewhere.
You will have your income increase but don’t let your desires have you do anything dumb in the time you’re waiting and observing yourself. You can set yourself back though rare. Focus on your new road and be caution of anything you’re going back into. Rather jump to something similar and find money and opportunities there. You have a needle in your back but at the end of September you’ll fully start to come out of your shell, because the universe wants you to grow for the better and you will.
Capricorn! Have a beautiful, September!

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