January 2022

9 of Wands| Death

Hi Capricorn! Happy birthday. The wait has been annoying but things are finally moving. You’ll have your pick and chance again but for now, it’s about connecting with your spirit and the future. Where others can get lost in looking too far ahead, your right of passage lies in the hope for a new day to hold your tools in the sky in victory over a situation. Your attitude is under examination this year and what an annoying new test it’s trying to bring out of you. I feel like there is a transformation going on in your family as well as in the transitions of power. Your defenses are coming together as you do the secretive groundwork. This is still a good time to listen and meditate back to the plan. You have interesting connections coming in and it’s best you don’t get lost. You’ll have your own vices to look at this year and the energy you put in. Good, bad, or ugly, maybe even misunderstood. Capricorn, your birthday feels like it’s carrying the weight of the world, but we do appreciate your love and care. Happy new year and a great new thought, start.

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