Ace of Cups |Empress

Capricorn! It’s been awhile since you’ve felt like the power is back in your hands again. Anyone who made you feel like you were a stepping board will see you rise and rise to new heights. Some of you may be getting proposed to or getting pregnant in the month of June. There are some family wounds that need addressing in the month of June or a much needed healing when it comes to past love that knocked you down to feeling like you’re doing things alone. Proof read any documents, start working early for the months ahead. Push through for great financial returns. Other Caps may be getting into a long term relationship that looks like it will be going the distance into marriage, children, owning properly. Or if you don’t want children, the power couple you always wanted to have/ be. Saturn Retrograde in your 2H of value and worth shine bright like a star for you. If all else, remember to do the necessary healing, you’re detaching completely from your old life and it’s going to be life changing.

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