Reading for January

10 of Cups |The Emperor

Hello, Capricorn and Happy Birthday!!! Starting out the new year it’s important to understand your voice and where your power still plays a role in how your life is being shaped. There have been huge bumps in the road, but the ride is almost over as you’ve felt.It’s time to take a few things easy and see where in the past things have been taken too far. Forgiveness is important and showing respect is tied in together this month. After dealing with so many struggles for some of you in finances and in love, things are finally turning around for you. So much, some things that are coming true for you have been lost dreams. Now it’s important to see where you’ve asked too much or where you want to concentrate your wishes, desires, and demands. For yourself, work, and home. Though you’re not out of the weeds yet, again, it’s important to note how important your voice stays. Some of you who have been waiting a long time for new prosperity or a leading role to land in your lap has been long awaited, comes through. If you’re already leading in a position of power, it’s time for you to read into other people’s intentions. Stay committed to what you feel about a situation so you can continue about your business. If you’re jumping into a leading role, a bit dramatic but people are willing to meet you where you are and where you meet them. It’s advised that there are going to be a few shocks this month to remind you not to look back but to remember where and how far you’ve come. Stay wise, Capricorn and understand some people may not have the best intentions for you, but how do you stay true to yourself and what you’ve learned. Time to embark on more success after a stop and start time. Capricorn! Enjoy the beginning to your 2021 year!

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