Reading for March

10 of Wands | 4 of Swords

Hey Gemini! The twin hoovers above and guides you back to the divine within yourself. Old methods have a firey comeback. New inspirational channels open up. You feel where others negative vibes have been hindering you or blinding you. Yours words are harsh but shockingly transparent. Be careful if that’s the case. Be around people who love you. The next few months until the Eclipses will show you where you’ve fallen from grace and where you deserve more appreciation. If you’re doing the Gemini thing of learning, you’ll jump right through the dark vail. If you’re feeling stuck, it’s about building the pathway. If pays off though be mindful of your joints, posture, and strength. Time to get back into stretching! Gemini I hope you have a wonderful month full of synchronicities and joy.

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