Knight of Cups | Knight of Swords

Happy birthday,Gemini! What a promising month for change but you’re being asked to hold putting all your eggs into one basket. I’m seeing if relationships haven’t been watered properly, the tower is coming in to shake up some of these foundations or to step up. I’m seeing your romantic relationships and business relationships going through it a bit, but where are you refusing to play an active role in creating a new life for yourself? I am seeing how some of you are going to put out your product or talents and them going viral. This is actually going to help balance you out with feelings of being left out in the cold or feelings of being left behind. When it comes down to your charm and charisma, you have a lot of power to get what you want. If some of you are going through the birthday blues, there are some nice surprises still coming in for you, though belated. With work projects and business, there is a need to open up to new ideas or branching out of your comfort zone. Some of you may be settling into your new schedule and networking but the universe doesn’t want you to lose momentum when getting the bag. Some of you may want to reach out and get some clinical health help due to what you’ve experienced in 2020 and coming into 2021. This is the time to get into the shadow and figure out what’s best for you, Gemini.

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