5 of Pentacles | 2 of Swords

Hey Gemini! You’re overlooking the process and success you’ve accomplished. Let the wind catch you by surprise this month. Feel into the ever changing times. I feel like if you’re a creative person and you’ve pulled back, it’s time to stop running. Some of you are pulling back at this time to take care of business. It’s not that you don’t care about your people/ work, but you need some time and rest for yourself. I feel like if their have been selfish people around you, you’re detaching to pursue your own wants. I feel like you’re manifesting something new into your life whether it be a car, new home, or strength to get you through these mental loops. If you’re someone who isn’t afraid to be in the light, this is still a good time to be around people who don’t make you feel misunderstood or if they need to tell you something, you trust them. Gemini! Multiple opportunities that want to last. Become clear with your intentions and the new roads you want to ride down. Good luck and best wishes this October.

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