Reading for October

The Hierophant | Strength

So many people are coming together or migrating. Your dreams have probably been all over the place! A lot of spiritual downloads are happening for you, especially going into Scorpio season. You feel like you’re in the middle of not only your feelings but you feel like you’re in the middle of all the drama. This time it is different because some of you are trying to beat the game and others of you have accepted going with the flow. There are a group of Geminis that now have to start speaking up for themselves and looking forward. Though there are times you still look into the past for answers (nothing wrong there) it’s still a promising future as soon as you decide or figure out how to get back into the driver’s seat of your life. If you have been experiencing nightmares, it may be a sign of PTSD. Though not all PTSD last forever, some of you due to losing family members have been going through a few manic stages. It is normal, though the cards want you to full heartedly reach out to the people who have had your back from jump. There will be old people or friends returning a long with lovers, but the past is the past. If you can’t move forward from someone, the journey still guides you to be whole with yourself and move how you need.
Though lethargic at times, you have so much support waiting to back you up. Some of you may be going through some heart issues, slowly down on partying (just in time), or finally coming out of your shell after some time isolating yourself. There will be times it’s important for you to say your truth and peace, though it is best you don’t take the passive route If you’re strong and able enough to say it directly to the person you need without slicing them, do so. Even if they’re the type that is a bit aggressive. Don’t change who you are because of someone’s anger.
Gemini! An inspirational month! Have a wonderful October!!!

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