Reading for December

5 of Wands | King of Wands

Hey Gemini! An important month that lines up for the whole year. How do you work? What are the starting blocks and what are your triggers that have you coming out of focus? You may have devoted too much of your time to drama and not getting down to business. Though others have some wiggle room, it’s time for you to hear where things have gone too far. Where is some of this inner tension coming from and what’s homework you can do for yourself that can benefit your personal rise? Others of you, where have you not been present with yourself? Where are there areas of self-betrayal and where can you forgive yourself? There are a lot of misunderstandings with yourself and others. It’s important for others to figure out and come to their own answers but it’s understandable where you’ve wanted to step in. This month it’s about waiting for others to ask and going from there. Where are some people asking too much of your time? Not only that, it’s time for you to listen to your body. Your intuition is very aligned this month and this continues for the next three months. It is important to stay in your lane this month and if you’re looking to step out the line, you’ll be greeted with a few other people who feel and believe the same as you. If you’re single at this time, it’s important to see all the red flags. If you’ve been connecting to someone for some time, this is the month where you can clear things up and get back to steady grounds. If you’re in a long term partnership, there have been firm talks about money but mainly out of worry. It’s important to steer clear of arguments where you don’t have all the facts either. Sometimes not involving yourself is the best option. If things have felt clustered over the past few months, nearing the end of January there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Bittersweet, but things are getting resolved and at a faster pace than regulated in some areas of your life. Gemini! An eventful January, but be sure with how you get out excess energy and emotions. Have a great new beginning to the new year of 2021!

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