January 2022

King of Cups | 6 of Swords

Hey Gemini! You’re in full swing again! It’s still a good idea to keep everything in order but this feels like the month you have your true spark back. It feels like there’s so much you’ve been waiting to learn or re-learn and this month, of course, supports you in this. I feel like a lot of you are going to find the inner treasure and style you’ve been looking for in you. There are some love issues popping up but within them are great moments of realization about who you are and how strong you’ve been. I feel like there is a twist in faith when it comes down to your understanding of self and of others. It’s still about putting self over the situation but at least through the emotional fog, you’re coming into the world of worlds about who and why you surround yourself with the people that you do. Of course, as well as the updates you’ll find in work, your work. Gemini, what a great start to the year. Happy New Year and have an amazing yet magical month.

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