January 2022

Knight of Pentacles | 3 of Cups

Hey Leo! So much admiration wants to hunt you down and put you back on the stage. Your path, even. Saturn in its sweeter times if you’re in a relationship that is no longer for your highest good or theirs, will take it away. In its harder aspects, a time alone will have you inspired and healed like never better after the sadness has passed regarding love or family. You’re in the vibe to just love yourself again. Others of you are super excited to start this cause, business, re-pop off on ideas that have been waiting for you to pour your passion into it again. Your work or your family needs you at this time and the need to evolve is even more so. Some of you are jumping onto a new road of ending codependency altogether. I have a feeling that you’re shifting gears again and not looking back, good. Slow and steady wins the race and this time around you’re seeing all the benefits. It’s important this year to know when enough is enough for yourself and others. Leo, your year starts off serious but with some welcomed changes and smiles, you’ll be back and up in no time. Happy new year and have a safe January.  

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