Death | 3 of Wands

Impulses versus people being loyal to you and onward. I see some of you raising your prices or truly putting yourself out there when it comes down to hustling and making your money. I feel like Saturn in your 7H came at you with the best intentions and now you’re working well with this energy. There are some scars from the past but due to you being the example or you’re rising from the ashes in your environment to crystalize your upcoming successes. There are some things you’re going back to fix though it is advised that you keep going forward and not step on your feet to correct anything that can’t be changed. Brave heart and with your shoulders back. I feel like family dynamics are under the scope for you this month with stepping away from family or healing family. Both answers (though with your decision) will be the right one for you. I am seeing jealous exes or drama around the past, but if you feel like you’re in between a rock and a hard place, understand it’s best to address things as you feel. Be open to criticism this month though a bit difficult, once you know how to take criticism, it loses all its power to diminish you  further moving forward. I feel like you’re also coming into the understanding of, “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. You will be seeing your way out of your own chaos or work chaos. Keep learning and the road of opportunities continues to open up for you. Another challenging month, but challenges can be like games. Just don’t be too hard on yourself or loved ones when things get overwhelming. Step back or take some time off/ go outside and get needed fresh air.

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