Reading for January

Judgement | The Star

Hey Leo! The fall of a persona, the beginning to a new era! Some of you have been ignoring your intuition and special talents. It’s time for you to show out! It’s time for you to jump on your to-do list and get your serotonin pumping again with a new found sense of success and accomplishment. When it comes down to your relationships (business, friendships), some will be falling apart as others become stronger. There may be some friction with you and your ego but more than anything it’s a time of becoming your higher self and believing there is more to the journey than just pain and suffering. There are some things you need to take up with the legal system. There is a lot happening with your reputation but it’s all to break the mold from how much shame you’ve been carrying around about your actions. It’s not all about being the martyr but more about what’s a healthy way to come together with the community and finding your leadership. This is a time to be vulnerable and it seems like at the worst time, but when abundance comes flowing to you again, it lights a fire under you to hear and believe more in a few areas of your life. Your sorrows will be healed but there is an exchange when it comes down to writing wrongs. Time may be an illusion but what other illusions have you carried yourself under. It’s not all about aggression especially when it comes down to yourself. It’s time to stop picking at things you can’t change and start seeing where cycles need to end. There is a level of compassion and compromise that’s trying to find you, so be aware of this. Leo! A challenging month but it’s advised to be humble where there is no fight or foe other than your own gain. Stay in your lane where you can and flourish where you know you can shine. Sportsmanship is the name of the game. Congratulations on a new year, Leo! 

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