The Magician | Page of Pentacles

Hey, Libra! June is demanding a lot from you during a time you want to give back to yourself. This is going to be a theme for you until your season in late September. You have some surprise financial changes coming up but if you don’t put them off, they blow over quickly and a lot of your anxiety goes with it. If you have a side project or business, this has and gets a needed boost for you this month. Everything will be going fast, but you have so much time in the day to get it done and needed energy to power through at night. Don’t stress so much about your money this month, things are just shifting for everyone’s pocketbooks and your’s seems to be the leader energetically. If there are people who have stolen from your plate, you can easily get your refunds or the universe is paying you back from the heartache you’ve endured for the last few months. Be easy with others though you feel the pressure behind you to move quickly. Unlike other months where it’s tricky to know if it was a good idea to hold back or not, this is the month for your diplomacy. Great rewards to help you along your month of June!

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