Reading for September

Queen of Pentacles | The World

At the end of September into your birthday season, you would’ve finished a huge major life cycle or you’re finishing up with an karmic connections. You’re over trying to fix the past and you’re ready to be in your power again. Your finances are healing and incoming! Before giving it to everyone, remember your health equals wealth. People may look at you as stingy, but you know your financial situation better than anyone. You’ll be coming out of your shell more and more.
Be mindful of who you gossip about or talk about this month, you may attract more karma or there’s a situation that hits you in the face over not being compassionate. This is for some people you Libra don’t like, but some grudges you’re carrying you helped create. Ease off of the gas!
You are healing and tapping into your sensual and earthy nature. You’ll be attracting more prosperity, but I can also see some options or opportunities that came your way, aren’t for you. Express this so you can move forward outside of any box or limited belief you had.
You do have a lot of support around you at this time, but you do need to protect your space or close off your space. Though you should keep all your chakras open and your heart. You know when and where and how the locks won’t open for you anymore so it’s time to walk away from a script that doesn’t survive you or your highest good anymore. You’re blossoming and growing into who you need to be for you. A calm month from what you experienced in the past. Rest where you can so people can offer you more love and acceptance.
Libra, you’re off to a great start. Happy early birthday and have a great, September!

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