January 2022

Queen of Swords| Justice

Hey Libra! You’re standing clear or laying clear. Wherever you are, your energy is lively. Your dreams are coming true this year and love is matured. You are focusing more on your happiness and where you have been right all along. You’re coming into a somber time for your soul and healing no matter your physical state. 2022 for you will be a year you have your ten toes down about rebuilding. Focus on the bounty that will be given to you, the pain of the past is finally passing and just in time for the new year. Buy flowers for you and yours. Celebrations or sickness. Your imagination is coming back online for everyone around you. Your words are so powerful this month so use this time to keep seeing clearly and give some of your energy to yourself, not everyone else for the natural sake of being nice. slippery slope. Libra! Have a fantastic start to the new year!

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