Reading for January

King of Cups |The Hanged Man

Hey Libra! Speaking of power struggles, it looks like long standing problems are coming back around for review. A lot of your manifestations are coming into full light and some of you are carrying around guilt due to not feeling secure enough. It’s time to truly believe in yourself and in your abilities, Libra. You’ve worked hard and are still going the extra mile. Others of you need to get a move on when it comes to access money or resources. Should they be used to fan other’s egos or do you need to put some of these resources into yourself so you can attract more love and security before going the extra mile like you love doing. When it comes down to love, your surroundings are in a groove of healing though you don’t want to believe everything that comes your way. It’s time for you to know what you can receive as love and what isn’t appropriate. You’re coming into a time where it’s important for you to know the vibe you’re on but more than that, it’s time for you to see where you need to push all the way through with your goals and dreams. Not to the expense of others, it’s time for you to come with it. If you’re still in a healing space, you would’ve been thinking about this already. What fights are worth having and where do you need to be more compassionate with others? When it comes down to family, though Saturn and Jupiter have left your 4H of family and home, you’re either being rewarded and discipled or discipled. It’s time to see how strong you are and can be standing on your own and what sacrifices do you need to make socially for the time being to have more things come to fruition for you. A few changes in plans but it’s still as fabulous as you like when you reach your new high. Now for others of you, you’re being put to the test. Can you be a great leader? Can you make hard decisions and can you be understanding? It’s time to take all you’ve learned and apply it to who you’re growing to be. The time is now yours and though still shaken up a bit, a new place to rest your head is on its way (or the same without fear of home being taken away again). People are proud of you, it’s time to make yourself proud and see it for your own eyes. Libra! A hopeful and wonderful beginning to the new year. Have a beautiful January! 

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