Reading for March

Page of Swords |10 of Pentacles

Hey Libra! Posture and empathy will be your ticket into your new cycle. Moving with your body and keeping as much least resistance will gain you respect. Do watch out for your inner demons and check up on yourself. Time to give the inner self critic the backseat for awhile. This is an important love month. Be clear with your emotions but there’s a warning with rushing emotions that must be addressed before repeating any toxic cycle. Codependency is a huge, highlighted theme you need to break away from. Needing people is fine because people need people, but where are you giving too much and not seeing a return? Re-examining childhood wounds or other’s taking another look at how you’re addressing and examining relationships before strong actions are taken. Be upfront if you want children. It looks like all month, there’s a window of pregnancy or if all else being very fertile. Libra, you have a productive and healing month ahead. Have a magically month!

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