Reading for September

9 of Pentacles | 7 of Swords

You need to get grounded in who you’re becoming and love yourself. There are feeling of hurt and resentment, but you don’t get far if that’s your main goal now. I know it’s hard to feel because of the injustices of the world, but Pisces~ You are still you and you can win at your road and love new people coming into your life. If there is no give and take and people aren’t being honest with themselves, is it really your fight? No shade, it is what it is.
There are people around you who have been whispering in your ear or you’ve been listening to the devil on your shoulder rent free. It’s time to figure out what’s going on inside and though you have part of the ego figured out, it’s time to dive into your soul and to find your new life. Insecurities shouldn’t keep you from going after what you want and what you want to care for. You may be feeling this way about others.
Watch out for scammers and watch out for people who you can see now aren’t on your wave anymore. Any hard feelings? Some because of time but it’s more than that, you want to feel deserving and worthy. You have that right and if someone can’t fit in your story, don’t blame yourself into punishment or self hate. It’s not worth it.
One other thing if you search for someone external… where is your role? Are you a seeker? Are you someone who needs to be still? Keep shedding and embracing your new journey. It is a bumping road, but it doesn’t stay this way. A few hard conversations with family, love, and yourself, but you make it through with a new story. Don’t shoot your own foot, but other than that, love yourself to you can teach others how to love you. Apologies in Libra season, but stick to your foundation.
Pisces! I hope you have a pleasurable September!

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