7 of Wands | 3 of Pentacles

Hey Pisces! So, this June we have a lot going on with you and the magic you naturally have. Things have felt so rocky but with Jupiter in your sign, it’s given you a boost to have both of your ruling planets look over you. If mood swings or changes in diet have been a theme, you’re seeing huge results in mid-June. You may not try to indulge wanting to be stubborn, but remember to at least hear your loved ones out when they mention how they’ve been worried about you. If you’ve been slowly separating yourself from people because you can feel the road of your new life coming, this isn’t a bad thing. This is life and understand, the people you love will get in contact with you and it will feel like you all are picking up where you started. If there have been issues around romance and waiting for someone, this is the month to let it go or the beginning with how to let it go. If you’ve been in a toxic run around, something happens that exposes everyone’s truth. Take this as something in your highest good than something that’s here to bring chaos. See all sides to these situations and choose your happiness. The people meant to be in your life will find their way back around to you. June is a game changer, let the winning game for you, begin!

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