January 2022

4 of Wands | 5 of Swords

Hey Pisces! The storm is here! You are the storm! You’ve been working hard. You’ve been disciplined. There are things that will exacerbate during this time. Of course, for your good but at times you will feel deceived by your own planets. This is to help you and to structure you back to feeling whole again. I feel right before the sun enters your sign, you’re seeing all your skeletons in the closet and how your judgments need to be sharper. Not so much by tongue but by thought. Your heart is still coming together. Others of you are ascending again. You’re tapped into the riches and the blessings that are yours. Going into this new life, there will be tears of joy and feeling understood more deeply than you gave yourself credit for in the past. I feel like the confusion that’s haunted your life is now being accepted but your inner willingness to carry on will sustain you to a better place. This is by being self-sufficient, finding a better job or demanding better conditions, letting go of assumptions, fixing credit, or finding something that makes your life more fulfilling and able to be around your loved ones. Journaling is something to be taken seriously this year for a good bit of you. Pisces! Welcome and happy new year to the ocean. We’ll catch you on the wave. 

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