Reading for January

4 of Swords | Emperor

Hey Pisces! Finally some peace and clarity from all you’ve been dealing with openly and secretly. You are attracting old faces and new faces into your life. When it comes down to your love life, there are a few turns you didn’t expect but with some needed perspective you’re happy to indulge, see, and feel into the future with all that is presented in front of you. Bills and responsibility may be taking center stage in your life but with needed new talks and conversations with people you respect and value. After a time of feeling defeated you have your magic back and learning how to treasure your gifts and talents in new ways. Though a fan of the oldies, now and forever, we have a new guiding twist to your explorations. New gratitude is being given by you and some needed talks with family members about what’s been going on behind your back. You are being filled with new hope and new energy, it’s time to see how far it expands. Now it’s issued to be warned about sleep attacks and feeling a lot more lucid than normal for the next few years. Of course, celebrate and be merry, but just be careful with your surroundings and how you treat yourself and loved ones. It’s time to have more of a clear and attentive ear and eye on things you highly favor. Now if there are things falling apart in your life it’s time to look at not only the small victories but it’s time to see what and where you’ve been doing right over all without thinking and feeling too much of what others expect of you. There are a few bumps here and there because you invested so much of who you were to people. Now this later down the line will have the same effect with others and you relating but it’s time for a new sight in hermit mode and why it’s important to see beyond what you’ve been taught, told, and have trusted in the past. A feel of being shell shocked but for the better due to the new era we’re in. It’s a beautiful time to see where you haven’t been as giving and why. Creation comes from destruction and it’s time to fall in love with the present in a new way. Pisces, a romantic and artist beginning to 2021. We all would want nothing more for you than to be given more love and with that being stated, have an inspiring new beginning!

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