January 2022

Queen of Cups | 2 of Cups

Hey Sagittarius! The fire is back and you’re ready to bring the vibe to the people and to the world, maybe. Regardless of your goals, you’re letting people stay where they are and you’re ready to take charge of your life. This will feel like a tug and pull at times, but the stress to transform feels greater than what you’re overcoming again. It feels like you’re going after a new passion of yours and money wants to find you there too. Sometimes our feelings don’t match how we present ourselves. It takes a certain eye to see into the soul and to bring out what is best for the person though at first seems terrifying. This is what the universe is handing to you. Your potential to get back to where you feel you belong and where to sew new seeds for the coming years. You’re more than capable of getting out of whatever rut you’re in, but it’s important to think of you and yours at this time. More than anything, if ‘yours’ treats you well and doesn’t diminish you as a person. Your magic is needed but keep digging, you’re about to reach your true gold mine. Sagittarius, a quiet new year starting, and for you, an alternative and exciting new eye. Happy new year and many blessings.

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