3 of Wands | Page of Cups

Hey Sagittarius! You feel like you’re waiting for nothing a good half of the month for something personal to transpire in your life. Gemini season and a solar eclipse in Gemini is the waiting room you’ve been in. You are going to be let out of the gates soon to travel and explore a few more options. Waiting in theory with what you want to do, settle your craving for exploration, summer trips are highly favored. Summer affairs look promising but do be aware of any risks when it comes down to partnering with anyone new. Put your health and others first. Romantically and in business. Ask questions and be bold. With Mars coming into Leo, you’re going to feel your confidence return to maximum power and after these planets get finished doing what they’re doing, some clarity will be brought to your attention. Keep an open mind, but don’t sign up for anything just yet, though you can keenly sense your big financial and or romantic wins around the corner. This isn’t the time to sell yourself short. June is about tying up loose ends before someone decides to do them for you. Irritating, so get it finished.

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