Reading for March

The Lovers | 8 of Pentacles

Hey Sagittarius! Single or coupled, you’re looking for a long-term love cycle to shine its light your way. With work and your personal life, you’re ready to feel close again or there’s a love journey still playing out. The Lovers journey is either fast and able to catch up with the flames or there’s neglect covering up why you’re unable to make the jump into love. Where have you felt clogged in your love life? Your words are very important but as you work on everything plus the in-between, you’re charmed, ruthless streak is being squared by the universal desire to start over. Based on faith, what is for you, you won’t ever truly feel like you’re loosing. Though tests in time, you receive. Who matches and mirrors you. Remember, learn, success. Have a great season, Sagittarius!

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