Reading for January

3 of Cups | 2 of Cups

Hey Sagittarius! A time of new beginnings and celebrations. You have wonderful new connections with people. Networking and all. Now when it comes down to friendships and groups you’re already apart of, things will be expanding more and more. When it comes down to romance, there are a few new spins you’ve been waiting for and it seems through virtual dates or social distance dates, things look fantastic. When it comes down to work, though a time of happiness, make sure you schedule your fun time appropriately so there’s no additional confusion. There are new meetings of the mind and more than that, in business you have great networking abilities at your fingertips. Stay on the ball and everything meets you right on time. Now if there is a romance that’s been on the rocks, through the court or financially, things go in your favor but with a few twists that can structure you and yours for the better. It is time to be happy about the new money flow, but it looks like love is on the table for you and you’re ready to change face (not in a negative way). In addition, if there has been a connection that hasn’t been able to get off the ground, just like in business, there is a meeting of the minds. It’s time to talk about personal interests and if this person is still right for you. Balance your root and sacral chakras this month for extra success. Daily mantras for increased wealth aren’t a bad idea either. New routines and schedules are ahead and you have all the energy to get it settled. Sagittarius, you have a beautiful start to the new year and with a lot of power. Be wise and have a great time at the beginning of 2021!

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