Reading for September

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A lot is popping off with family at this time for the better or for the worse. They don’t have to be blood related but someone who you were once close to or are. Things are changing and it’s making you question what foundation you’re standing on. You have a lot of options in front of you, but you’re in your own mindset of who you can have a true connect with and how to keep striving and aspiring. You’re ready to meet new faces and you’re compelled to dive deep with what’s going on with your surroundings and how to step into a leadership role than being just the Beta of whatever you’re in. It’s not about power games or dynamics. What’s for you doesn’t need to be played or manipulated to stay. Listen to what others are going through but if you can’t stay there for them this month, you’re already making your choices. Reach out if you want and explain what you can to the people you want around you with what’s going on and why you need to rest.
If you’re feeling pinned back of new rumors or people gossiping about a situation they didn’t first hand experience, I can see how it’s difficult to come to terms with questioning “where do I find my way out of this?” It will come but you need to continue to plan B then plan C. One step at a time to keep your inner flame lit. We can’t have your inner fire go out a few months before your season. It does feel a lot lonelier than you expected with some of your endeavors, but you do have promising connections coming in and around you, you can still tap into.
If you’re having a hard time integrating people into your space; they’re either not for you or you’re not taking your time to understand one another. No blame, it just is what it is.
You have the inner fire to go far, don’t let others talk you out of your bigger, down the line goals.
Sagittarius, you may have to stop the car, but the repairs are minor but thank goodness you stopped before any interior damage continued.
Have a safe September, Sagittarius!

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