Reading for September

Knight of Wands | Death

Huge transformations after someone’s passing. You’re coming into your true power and growing from the hurt that was left on you. You are encouraging and embracing your new journey and what could be on it. Now as you can feel, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. You’ll crack a few and if this has happened already, realize this month it’s time for you to take your time. Let people and your loved ones see what the highest level of who you’re becoming shine bright. When it comes down to feeling challenged non-stop by your environment, you may need a quick social media detox or it’s time for you to separate yourself from any toxic dynamic.
If you’re going to court with someone, they are putting things back so get your money together for the push back. People at a time you believed would leave you or not step up and take care of you are slowly showing themselves. On your road to success there will be a lot of different experiences you will have other than feeling lonely. You must tap into what you want to create and put in the necessary steps. If you know this already, it’s time to keep building on that knowledge with action.
There are some of you who are struggling to understand how you can feel on the wave others are advancing to, it is about being innovative and knowing when you’re in the game, you’re in control.
If there is a time this month you feel more down, you have to be kind to yourself and exercise. Do some breathing exercises or find time to express yourself. Some of you may be so frustrated with roadblocks that you start going your own way. Don’t forget to do your shadow work. You don’t have to feel like you’re floating all the time. You can find your center still.
You’re staying on top of your wants and goals. Scorpio!
I hope you have a great and successful September!

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