Reading for January

Queen of Cups| The Empress

Hey Scorpio! Feeling a bit testy, but there are some upsides to your emotions. It’s a season to completely trust your intuition. When it comes down to competing emotions and how you want to feel, it’s best to understand what’s not only going in your favorite but to start putting yourself first again. When it comes down to your plans, it looks as though love and fate is on your side. It’s time for you to transform. Now some of you are coming into a new cycle for yourself. This can be around the home, but it feels and looks as though this is mainly around work and your self-confidence. You have the gas and the team to help you along but it’s time to place an eye on who you want on your team. When it comes down to the home and finding a new home or figuring out the screws of what’s going on presently, you’ll do well to stick to your plan. Some of you may be embarking on a new journey with loved ones and family. Some of you may be greeting a new member to the family. It’s a time of celebration where you can and to soak in all the new and good vibes around. It’s time to raise your vibration and devote yourself to the new you. Scorpio! You have a great start to the new year though your feelings may trick you every now and again. A wait and see approach. There is more than meets the eyes. Have a wonderful start to the new year of 2021!

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