January 2022

Knight of Swords| Ace of Pentacles

Hi Scorpio. Welcome to your year of responsibility. Your new skin is emerging and who you use to be is dead. RIP. You’re ready to stand in the light of who you’re becoming and the dreams you want and see. There are twists and turns as your life goes along this new journey. Old reasons for what you did and why you did them will be put to rest. You’re growing and a part of you is ready for a new comfy challenge. Others of you are jumping right into the fire and ready to take down the obstacles. Though, you still need the court and not so much to plow through everything. It’s time to find new ways to enjoy the journey while also feeling ahead of the game. Scorpio, your year starts with some contemplation but you’re on the right track. Happy new year and a welcomed new book.

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