Reading for March

6 of Swords| Queen of Wands

Hey Scorpio! Very passive and wanting to stop feeling like the villain. Praised for it or not. Taurus energy is changing how you feel and where your glass ceiling is. Your emotions want to run away with your thoughts but at the same time, this is being used for your benefit. You’ve been so fixed in some areas of your life, you’re now being guided to follow your heart even more so. Wanting cuddles and needing to concentrate on other emotional issues as well. Wanting to explore how you feel about your sexuality or being to a partner, alongside wanting to manifest a brighter career path. There is a phantom of someone you care about distancing themselves away from your spirit, you’re being challenged to rise above and be seen. Emotions and status. Any argument feels so 50/50 but still keep a low profile. Not finishing certain work is an echo of a new path and pattern system. Scorpio, a few reminders to focus but I hope you have a mystical and energizing month!

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