January 2022

Ace of Cups | 2 of Pentacles

Hey Taurus. You’re right on time and attracting more than you believed in the past. You still have a stubborn streak that is evolving for you but you need to acknowledge when you miss the mark so you can do better next time. You feel your new ground level of love and at times in emotional unknown territory. You’re learning to feel through the dark and to evolve into someone worth looking up to. This is tricky because Uranus in your sign needs you in ways that need you to face yourself. At times and in the moment when you come up for air, we don’t always see the challenge. What feels like it hurts the most is and was cutting yourself too short to help others. There is a power helping you along your journey but never without reason. There are people who you know you’ll see again, but this is the time for you to be brave and not necessarily be the best. Your love is forming a deeper tongue of understanding, but when facing people who have truly hurt you; are you sure it’s them or someone who reminds you of everything you are not? You can see through but what’s also seen is the need to feel more than what you do. Maybe it’s not the right time or no longer time. New paths await Taurus. Happy adventures this January and also, be careful on the job this month.

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