Ace of Wands | Strength

What’s up, Taurus! I’m seeing the month of June starting out fantastic for you. If you’ve been trying to find new work, this seems to be the month you find yourself back on your high horse. Others of you have time to sit out and look over projects and business deals, not only to revise but to set everything in place for months and years to come. I feel like the shadow aspect of you may come out at times. It’ll try to manifest itself into peeking your way around looking at what the past is doing to make a contest with it, this is where you need to redirect your thoughts. There are theories and philosophies needing to be looked at again, mind you, but it’s not for you to compare. We as humans do the best we can in all situations to put our best foot forward. Some of you are brave enough to not only talk about your vulnerabilities but to cut out substances or behaviors that are stealing from you more than adding to your growth. Headaches may be an issue for you as well or health issues may take you away from work, but they need to be looked at in depth when you get the chance. Sooner rather than later. If you feel like others are pressuring you for answers, step back and put the responsibilities back on others. Though you love helping and providing for others, where are you not watering your plants and giving back to yourself. Taurus! An emotionally driven month with the need for extra rest or breaks. Schedule it where you can but keep moving and grooving!

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