The Lovers | 8 of Cups

Hi Taurus! It’s more than prep time, the pressure pushes you to be your best. You’re raising the bar and doing the best you can in every new situation. In the coming months, the North Node will be in your sign meeting Uranus. It’s the Allegory of The Cave. Out of mid-air it will seem that the chains of resentment, aggression will turn into the spirit of true freedom. In that the show will begin again as Scorpio season starts. Where there are good times, Taurus is the one that reminds everyone to come back to the act. There will be uproars in the market. People may take to the streets in your area but before then for some of you, your work and money needs to stay about you and yours. I feel like for others, your humanitarian spirit will invoke massive change in what you want to get ahead of. You’re quickly moving home and you’re excited that the past doesn’t seem as weighted either. I feel like Uranus has primed your mind for the next year to come with ups and downs challenges, but a well played real life version of hopscotch. Your desires are heard by the universe, but everything during the retrograde has you multi-tasking for your present and future. Taurus! I hope you have a wonderful October!

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