Reading for October

4 of Swords | 10 of Swords

You are going through a rebirth but it is advised that you watch for burn out. There are going to be hidden bills that sneak up on you that can take an emotional turn if you’re not prepped. If you’ve been struggling due to someone else’s negligence, you do have help coming it. It’s the type of help you don’t ask to ask either. There is discomfort from certain things in your life but a lot of it is rebuilding your life and your emotional well-being. If you’re on a mission and have been for some time, it’s still advised for you to rest or find some time in the day to get an hour or 2 for yourself. Rebuilding your life, already feels like it’s going to be a marathon, and you’re right but taking care of yourself is going to stay or needs to stay a top priority as things shift in your life.
Some of you will be experiencing a divorce, break-up, or some of you have had family members pass. Work has been heavier than it has been in the last few years because of responsibility. This is even more reason after all of this, to find peace. Some of you who are conflicted by finding inner peace because you’re busy or forced to be put in positions that feel bigger than you, you will make it out. This period in your life will not last and though when the time comes when work eases off, take your time when doing everything else. Make sure to get your car checked out when you fell something is off/ write this down to remind yourself. Ya know, everyone feels some way about surprise bills or surprise expenses. Budget and keep doing what you know will pay off. You may be in a rush to get everything finished, don’t. Watch out when driving. Most of you need to cut down on driving and talking on the phone. Others of you are tapping into new ways to use your imagination at this time and it’s advised for you to also meditate on protection for yourself and family.
If some of you are driving into learning new things, you’re doing better than you think. How or why? Determination.
You have a bit of a bumpy drive ahead but don’t let that stop your flow~
Taurus, stay safe and find the bliss this October!!

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