Reading for January

2 of Swords | The Fool

Hey Taurus! Starting out your new year, you’re feeling restricted but all for the better. From years time, to the year ahead you can feel how some battles are worth having. Though in January the universe needs you to enjoy your time and what you bring to the table without much doing. Effortless ease. Though you’re jumping back into the new year, your effortless ease comes from perspective. What do you feel is really holding you back from letting go or from accepting your true voice? In January, though bumping and with extra caution, you get to sit and ask yourself why you’re holding onto certain items. What’s the purpose? What can you get rid of and what can you transform? A process you’re up to the challenge when presented. You may have been worried about finances but from the cards, it looks as though a lot more is under control than meets the eye. You’re doing a wonderful job with savings and seeing where you want certain items to grow. It is important for you to see new patterns in your relationships as well before jumping into something new. Have you been too giving in past relationships? This is only a small example and you would know if this went to the extreme in one area of your life. Nothing to criticize. For others of you, it’s time for you to look into your family history and see where things should’ve been normalized and where you can work on new ways to form healthier bonds with others. A big task, but with great rewards. Good things come to those who wait. Taurus! Ending January on an introspective note and feeling a lot freer than you have in some time. It’s important not to be egged on this time but you do have a right to be happy. Have a prosperous January, Taurus!

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