Reading for January

4 of Wands | 4 of Pentacles

Hey Virgo! Starting your year off, you have a few things you’ve been focusing on; the right or wrong of the matter. You get repaid this month and with great rewards for opening up and starting what you knew would be successful. There are a lot of great returns this month but there are a few exchanges that may feel discomforting but to help benefit you in the end. You have a chance at easing your way out and letting go of what you thought others wanted you to be. Even if you may run against who others wanted you to be, you’re seeing the benefit of going your own way and finding new pleasures in what you created for yourself. It is important to say “thank you” in the coming days and weeks. Small gestures put you ahead of the game and favored. Impatience can catch you a few times this month as you’re vibing higher but you’re starting to feel more and more who isn’t on your team and who’s running their own agenda. Again, it’s time for you to find your voice and narrative again away from challenges in what others want from you and aren’t grateful back with. There are some things you need to leave in the past and move forward from, but what that means is up to you. Some of you need to start putting your talents out more and with a great push this month, you’ll have the energy. Some interests you have will be falling by the side and that’s okay, you’re making room. A lot of work getting finished and other things coming to completion. It’s taken a while, but the puzzle pieces are finally aligning. You have it in the bag, Virgo. It’s time to expose how you feel and go after what you want. Virgo! Have a very pleasant January. Any minor annoyances? Not worth the fight. A few power struggles, but it all plans out for the better. Keep thinking ahead and with ease may the stars meet you where you are.

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