January 2022

Page of Pentacles | 8 of Swords

Hi Virgo! The year starts out with the same load as before and you’re gearing up for the season’s changes. I feel like you’re seeing who you are in your own story of life. You’re taking charge of what your day-to-day actions look like and if anything else, you’re thinking of expanding to new heights. There seems to be a running theme with others not giving you the credit you deserve and in this coming year, it all seems to turn around for you. As the tables turn for you, welcome the change out of a year of being in your head to merging new experiences and challenges. Some of you are going back to the studio, your craft, your music, your hobbies, and making your happiness come to life again. This feels like the beginning of finding your own way out of the dark after a long trip through the dust. You may feel like a beginner in some areas, but you’ll get out of the rabbit hole sooner than you think. Enjoy the beginning of the year, Virgo, and have a happy new year.

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