Reading for September

8 of Wands | Page of Pentacles

It’s time for a new learning curve to be introduced. You are being pushed or advised to open up your gates to what you need to learn and understand. What makes you proud and happy? What are the things that make you feel like you’re on top of the world? You have to start giving back to yourself first and having a better conversation system with yourself. Others, if you’re feeling like you’re starting over, you won’t be in this position for long and you can see it growing around you.
If some of you are nerves or irritable about opening up to people, breathing exercises.
Be willing to forgive or to apologize. Just believe you know things have to play out as there are, doesn’t mean you forget accountability.
You’ll be deep diving into what you want for your relationships or healing in your relationships. If you’re breaking out from an old belief system, take your time and understand, you may not be annoying people more than you caught them at the wrong time. Give and hold space for compassion to come in. You have the ability.
If you are stressed about money and what’s happening with love or family, more things will be coming to light but the cards want to stress focusing on yourself. You need that. If you’re questioning a relationship at this time, go in and find to questions you need answered or need to have dialogue about. You have new partnerships and collaborations! Don’t feel like you’re not doing enough when you’re actually doing more. Relax when you find that you things are finished at home and other’s business, isn’t.
Up against fiery words or accusations? Be about your business and know your worth. Love yourself and know someone who really loves you, doesn’t leave you.
Inspirational birthday month! Virgo~
Happy birthday and have a wonderful, September!

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